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G.A. Roe & Sons (Insurance Services) Ltd. was renamed F&G Insurance Agencies Ltd. in a continuing effort to build recognition of the Group's insurance brand.

Bull Run Overseas Ltd. was purchased. This company is the owner of 7,200 acres in Belize's magnificent Mountain Pine Ridge area which includes an exclusive, small 12 unit lodge, the Hidden Valley Inn. The property has been upgraded and is now one of the top five up-market properties in the area.

The Belize Biltmore Plaza Hotel was sold once more, this time to Millennium Investment Ltd., a smaller partnership group, but still includes the Roe, McNab, and Guatemalan interests.

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Financial Enterprises Ltd. was established in partnership with one of the Roe brothers, Israel Marin and Mark Willoughby to provide leasing/finance to support the business activities of Belize Diesel & Equipment Ltd.

Fire & General Insurance Co. of Belize Ltd. was renamed F&G Insurance Co. Ltd. to further enhance and reinforce the Group's insurance brand.

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RF&G Insurance Agencies and RFG Insurance were created as a result of a merger of the F&G companies, Belize's dominant insurance group with Regent Insurance, the number two company in the country. The RF&G entities represent a major portion of the industry's premium revenue.
The Roe Group also has a number of real estate investments in undeveloped land throughout the country, which it holds either within the holding company or in other specific corporate entities. It acquired Regent Realty as a part of the Regent acquisition to bring greater focus to the Group's real estate dealings.

In the latter part of this year it was decided that the premises at 6 Fort St. was too small to house RFG Insurance and the Corporate Office G.A. Roe & Sons Ltd. At this point, it was agreed to make other arrangements and it was decided to build an office complex on land recently purchased from the Nazarene Church at One Coney Drive, Belize City. It was at this point that G.A. Roe & Sons Ltd. was temporarily relocated to #83 Bella Vista, Belize City, leaving RFG Insurance at #6 Fort Street, Belize City.

Ground breaking and construction of Gordon House (as the building would be named) started on 1st October 2005.

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In our quest to expand and better serve the country, on March 1st, 2006, M.I.L. commenced with the construction of the two Pre-engineered Steel buildings in the capitol, Belmopan, these were to house the new Belmopan Branch Facilities for MADISCO which was completed in September 2006 and Belize Diesel and Equipment which was completed on 15th December, 2006.

Madisco - BelmopanBelize Diesel and Equipment - Belmopan

Construction continued on the corporate building on One Coney Drive.

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View of Gordon House on Inauguration Day
View of Gordon House on Inauguration Day.
In June we saw the completion of the building at One Coney Drive and RF&G Insurance occupied the first and second floors of the building on June 8th, 2007.

On August 1st, 2007 the building was inaugurated and dedicated to our founder Gordon Archer Roe and named "Gordon House" in his honor, and on August 8th, 2007 the corporate office of G.A. Roe & Sons Ltd. was moved to the fifth floor of Gordon House.

The refurbishing of 6 Fort Street (the original office of G.A. Roe & Sons Ltd.) also began in August 2007.

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On May 9th, 2008 the refurbishing of 6 Fort Street was completed and it was inaugurated and named "Malcom House", dedicated to the memory of the second son of Marie and Gordon Roe, Malcom R.H. Roe, who passed away on 6th January, 1971 in a tragic aircraft accident in Florida. This building now houses the offices of Maya Travel Services Ltd., Regent Realty Ltd. and Mic Roe Finance Company Ltd.

This Building is Dedicated To The Memory of Malcom R. H. Roe 1950-1971Malcom House

The Group continues to look at the possibilities of diversifying our manufacturing companies. On May 15th, 2008, CTC Ltd. launched its "San Miguel" line of bottled honey.

San Miguel Honey

On 25th July, 2008 RF&G changed its name and logo updating the look to reflect today's business and business climate.

Old RF&G Insurance LogoNew RF&G Insurance Logo

The Roe Group of Companies unveiled their display at the Belize International Airport as part of the airport's major interior renovation. This was completed and installed December 23rd, 2008.

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The Gordon House Sign was completed and installed on January 13th, 2009.

As of May of this year, all five floors at Gordon House have been occupied. Effective July 2009 RF&G Life now occupy one half of the fourth floor.

The Group has moved to dispose of its interests with Belize Lodge & Excursions.

In July of this year, experiencing immense competition from internet travel sales, a decision was taken to close down the operations of Maya Travel Services.

Today, one or more of the Roe Group of Companies does business in virtually every city, town and village in Belize. We are providing needed services and products to businesses and individuals alike. From insurance, building products, food & beverage items, automobiles and agriculture to hospitality, the Roe Group of Companies is a vital part of the growth and development of Belize. Additionally, the Group sets standards of corporate responsibility that are unmatched in the Country.

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