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The 1980's brought expansions into Investment Financing, Hotel holdings in Belize City, San Pedro and Toledo, Belize; Citrus farming and Auto dealerships.

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The Country of Belize gained its independence on September 21, 1981. During the infancy of Independence, the Roe Group was also growing and consolidating their business and becoming an ever more important corporate citizen and contributor to the growth of a new nation.

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The Roe Group decided to exit the wholesale pharmaceuticals business and formally "wound down" Farm-i-ceuticals Ltd. The company is now a land holding company.

G.A. Roe & Sons Ltd., acquired shares in Citrus Company of Belize as part of a local group's purchase of the major citrus processing company in Belize. The idea was that local growers should own and control a larger share of the industry.

Maya Travel Services Ltd. was established to capitalize on opportunities in the travel business connected to Maya Airways and the Group's growing interest in tourism related businesses.

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Window manufacturing in The Belize Glass Shop factory.
Window manufacturing in The Belize Glass
Shop factory.
The Belize Glass Shop was purchased from Kent McField and merged into the Cleghorn Street operations of Investment Finance Ltd.

This year also saw the construction of The Biltmore Plaza Hotel at mile 2.5 of the Northern Highway, just outside Belize City proper. The Biltmore property is developed as a partnership of the Roe Group, the McNab family of Belize and Guatemalan interests. The property was originally owned in the name of Caribbean Shores Development Co. Ltd and ownership was changed in 2000 to Horizons Investments Ltd.

Phillip Goldson International AirportBelize Biltmore Plaza - Best Western
The new International Airport was inaugurated in the early 1990's, opening Belize to larger aircraft and more visitors. The pool and courtyard area of the new Belize Biltmore Plaza Hotel in Belize City.

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The Sunbreeze Hotel on the beachfront of San Pedro, Ambergris Caye
The Sunbreeze Hotel on the beachfront of
San Pedro, Ambergris Caye.
The Group established a presence in San Pedro, Ambergris Caye, Belize's preeminent tourist destination. As a member of a partnership with the McNab family of Belize and Guatemalan interests, they purchased SunBreeze Co. Ltd., d.b.a. SunBreeze Hotel. The SunBreeze is a beachfront property boasting a prime San Pedro location with 40 rooms, a pool, and leased dive shop operation and one of the island's most upscale, successful restaurants.

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The Group partnered with Israel Marin in the purchase of property at mile 8 on the Western Highway to establish the first privately owned cemetery in Belize. The business entity is Homeland Development Co. Ltd.

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Hummingbird Citrus Ltd. was established in partnership with Cayman Island interests to establish and own a large citrus farm on the Southern Highway in the citrus region of Belize.

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Maya Airways merged its operations with Island Air to become Maya Island Air.

The Group, in partnership with Israel Marin purchased Belize Diesel & Equipment Co. Ltd. from Hofius Ltd. The company holds the exclusive dealerships in Belize for Toyota, Massey Ferguson and Lister in addition to several other lines.

Belize Diesel's Toyota dealership facility in Belize City
A new Maya Island Air 13 passenger Cessna
Caravan aircraft.
Belize Diesel's Toyota dealership facility
in Belize City.

This year also saw the Group take a minority position in Belize Lodge & Excursions Ltd., an ambitious tourism based project in the south of the country.

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Stann Creek Valley, the heart of Belize's
vital citrus industry.
The Group disposed of their interests in Citrus Company of Belize and acquired an interest in Valley Orchards Ltd., owner and operator of citrus orchards in the Stann Creek Valley of Belize.

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The group withdrew from the airline business by selling its interest in Maya Island Air.

This year also saw the Group spin off the Cleghorn Street woodworking operation into Elements Ltd. in a partnership with Julius Espat.

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The new millennium herladed a reorganization of the Group holdings along with the addition of a Sales and distribution agency and expansions in the realm of insurance and real estate holdings.

As the Group's businesses grew, it became evident that greater focus was needed to maximize productivity and returns from the Cleghorn Street businesses. To this end, the businesses were reorganized based on function. This resulted in five distinct companies.

  • Maestre's Industries Ltd. became the property owner and landlord
  • Caribbean Tobacco Company Ltd., manufacturer of cigarettes
  • Belize Aluminum Industries Ltd., manufacturer of windows and doors plus customs storefronts and seller/installer of shutters and other specialty items
  • San Miguel Co. Ltd., farming operations in the Cayo District
  • Marketing & Distribution Co. Ltd., a newly formed sales and distribution company for the Group's own products as well as those from other manufacturers in Belize and abroad
  • Investment Finance Co., Ltd. continued to own CTC and provide business services to Cleghorn Street Companies doing business as IBS.

Window making at Belize AluminumLoading goods in Madisco truck.
Finishing touches to Millennium Windows manufactured by The Belize Glass Shop in Belize City. Loading Food & Beverage items at MADISCO'S main warehouse for delivery to customers
throughout Belize.

Caribbean Shores Development Co. Ltd. ownership was changed in 2000 to Horizons Investments Ltd..

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