Who We Are

For over half a century, the Roe Group has been an important part of Belize’s business community and a responsible corporate citizen. Our companies have contributed to national growth in tourism, real estate development, farming, finance, insurance, transportation, and distribution as we follow our vision of constant evolution. We pride ourselves on a long history of doing what’s right for the Country, the Community, the Environment, and our Team.

Our Mission

To be innovative managers and entrepreneurial investors.

Our Vision

We will be a coherent, successful enterprising family business with integrity and respect for all which constantly evolves to provide a sustainable future through the generations.

The Purple Shirt Leadership Development Program

Since 2006, The Purple Shirt Leadership Development Program has been nurturing the growth of upcoming leaders within The Roe Group of Companies. This program spans six months and involves intensive study, group interactions, and virtual sessions.

Its main goal is to establish strong connections among driven and dependable colleagues throughout The Roe Group of Companies, fostering collaboration and personal and professional growth.



Our History


From Humble Beginnings...

Purchasing a defunct Insurance agency, followed by investments in window manufacturing, tobacco, pharmaceuticals, and a local airline.

As Belize City recovers from the devastation of Hurricane Hattie on October 31st, 1961, the genesis of one of Belize’s corporate citizens was taking place.

The birth of the Roe Group of Companies was marked by the purchase of a defunct insurance agency, Horncastle (British Honduras) Limited. from the H. Melhado Company by Mr. Gordon A. Roe in late 1963.

The new agency soon opened in a one-room office in the Roe family’s home at 6 Fort Street in Belize City. With hard work and a little help, the agency soon built a reputation for integrity and service as it took its place as one of the most respected insurance agencies in British Honduras.

The name of the firm was changed to G. A. Roe & Sons Limited, clearly reflecting Gordon Roe’s intentions for a family company.

He loved roses, and for the Company Logo he selected the white rose of York with five leaves; each leaf to represent one of his sons: Brian, Malcolm, Adrian, Gordon ‘Christopher’ and Trevor.

G. A. Roe & Sons Limited acquired a shareholding in Investment Finance Ltd., a company set up to purchase the company established in the early 1930’s by the Maestre family to manufacture cigarettes and soap. In 1961 the manufacturing operation was moved to Cleghorn Street and by that time had become a manufacturing conglomerate making cigarettes, soap, aluminium windows, doors, and wooden furniture. In 1962, the Maestre family sold the company to American investors who added to the company with their purchase of the San Miguel farm in the Cayo District of Belize. The farm traded under the name of Caribbean Tobacco Company (CTC).


Recognizing a need to define its purpose, G. A. Roe & Sons Limited established an insurance company called Fire and General Assurance Company of Belize Limited. Fire and General retained a part of the portfolio of business generated by the G. A. Roe & Sons Limited agency operation more clearly.

The Roe family was invited and agreed to purchase an interest in Maya Airways which was established as a successor to British Honduras Airways in 1962.

As the Roe insurance businesses continued to grow, it was, once again, decided that it was necessary to clearly state the direction of their insurance operations. Thus, G. A. Roe & Sons (Insurance Services) Limited was established to carry on the operations of the agency business. By this time the Agency had developed the expertise of an underwriting agency, producing and underwriting business for the Fire & General Assurance Company and for certain Lloyds of London Underwriters.

For many years, Gordon and Marie Roe ran a pharmaceutical agency for “Boots” and other products in parallel with the insurance business. This year saw the establishment of a free-standing company named Farm-i-ceuticals Limited, to wholesale both human and animal health products.

G. A. Roe & Sons Limited had now become a holding company for the family’s interest.

This year saw the Roe family purchase controlling interest of the, now, nearly bankrupt Investment Finance Limited. A Roe Group management team was installed with instructions to “turn the business


Time for a little growth…

The 1980’s brought expansion into investment financing, citrus farming, auto dealerships and hotel holdings in Belize City, San Pedro and Toledo.

The 1980’s brought expansion into investment financing, citrus farming, auto dealerships and hotel holdings in Belize City, San Pedro and Toledo.

The Country of Belize gained its independence on September 21st, 1981. During the infancy of independence, the Roe Group was also growing and consolidating their businesses, becoming an ever more important corporate citizen and contributor to the growth of a new nation.

The Roe Group decided to exit the wholesale pharmaceuticals business and formally “wound down” Farm-i-ceuticals Limited. The company is now a land holding company.

G. A. Roe & Sons Limited acquired shares in Citrus Company of Belize as part of a local group’s purchase of the major citrus processing company in Belize. The idea was that local growers should own and control a larger share of the industry.

Maya Travel Services Limited was established to capitalize on opportunities in the travel business connected to Maya Airways and the Group’s growing interest in tourism related businesses.

The Belize Glass Shop was purchased from Kent McField and merged into the Cleghorn Street operations of Investment Finance Limited.

In 1989, The Biltmore Plaza Hotel was constructed at mile 2.5 of the Philip Goldson Highway, situated just outside Belize City proper at that time. The property was developed as a partnership of the Roe Group, the McNab family and Guatemalan interests. The property was originally owned in the name of Caribbean Shores Development Co. Limited and ownership was changed in 2000 to Horizons Investments Limited.


The Group established a presence in Belize’s preeminent tourist destination San Pedro, Ambergris Caye. As a member of a partnership with the McNab family and Guatemalan interests, they purchased SunBreeze Co. Limited, d.b.a. SunBreeze Hotel. The SunBreeze is a prime beachfront property with 40 rooms, a pool, leased dive shop operation and one of the island’s most upscale, successful restaurants.

The Group partnered with Israel Marin in the purchase of property at mile 8 on the George Price Highway to establish the first privately owned cemetery in Belize. The business entity is Homeland Development Co. Limited trading under Homeland Memorial Park.

Hummingbird Citrus Limited was established in partnership with Cayman Island interests to establish and own a large citrus farm on the Southern Highway in the citrus region of Belize.

Maya Airways merged its operations with Island Air to become Maya Island Air.

The Group, in partnership with Israel Marin purchased Belize Diesel & Equipment Co. Limited from Hofius Limited. The company holds the exclusive dealerships in Belize for Toyota, Massey Ferguson and Lister in addition to several other lines.

This year also saw the Group take a minority position in Belize Lodge & Excursions Limited, an ambitious tourism-based project in the south of the country.

The Group disposed of its interests in Citrus Company of Belize and acquired an interest in Valley Orchards Limited, owner, and operator of citrus orchards in the Stann Creek Valley of Belize.

The Group withdrew from the airline business by selling its interest in Maya Island Air.

This year also saw the Group spin off the Cleghorn Street woodworking operation into Elements Limited in a partnership with Julius Espat.


New Millennium, New Things…

A complete reorganization of Group holdings including the addition of a sales and distribution agency and expansion into insurance and real estate.

The new millennium heralded a reorganization of the Group holdings along with the addition of a sales and distribution agency and expansions in the realm of insurance and real estate holdings.

As the Group’s businesses grew, it became evident that greater focus was needed to maximize productivity and returns from the Cleghorn Street businesses. To this end, the businesses were reorganized based on function. This resulted in five distinct companies.

  • Maestre’s Industries Limited became the property owner and landlord
  • Caribbean Tobacco Company Limited, manufacturer of cigarettes
  • Belize Aluminium Industries Limited, manufacturer of windows and doors plus customs storefronts and seller/installer of shutters and other specialty items
  • San Miguel Co. Limited, farming operations
  • Marketing & Distribution Co. Limited, (MADISCO) a newly formed sales and distribution company for the Group’s own products as well as those from other manufacturers in Belize and abroad
  • Investors Business Services (IBS) formerly Investments Finance Limited continued to own CTC and provide business services to Cleghorn Street Companies.

G. A. Roe & Sons (Insurance Services) Limited was renamed F&G Insurance Agencies Limited in a continuing effort to build recognition of the Group’s insurance brand.

Bull Run Overseas Limited was purchased. This company is the owner of 7,169 acres in Belize’s magnificent Mountain Pine Ridge area, including the Hidden Valley Inn, an exclusive 12-unit lodge. In 2023, the property was expanded to 19 units.

The Belize Biltmore Plaza Hotel was sold once more, this time to Millennium Investment Limited, a smaller partnership group, but still includes the Roe, McNab, and Guatemalan interests.

Financial Enterprises Limited was established in partnership with one of the Roe brothers, Israel Marin and Mark Willoughby to provide leasing/finance to support the business activities of Belize Diesel & Equipment Limited.

Fire & General Assurance Co. of Belize Limited was renamed F AND G Insurance Co. Limited to further enhance and reinforce the Group’s insurance brand.

The genesis of RF&G Life Insurance Co. Limited came in 2005 with the purchase of the Regent Life Insurance book of business by G. A. Roe & Sons along with the agency’s life and medical insurance line of business.

RF&G Insurance Agencies and RF&G Insurance were created as a result of a merger of the F&G companies, Belize’s dominant insurance group, with Regent Insurance, the number two company in the country. The RF&G entities represent a major portion of the industry’s premium revenue.

The Roe Group also has several real estate investments in undeveloped land throughout the country, which it holds either within the holding company or in other specific corporate entities. It acquired Regent Realty as a part of the Regent acquisition to bring greater focus to the Group’s real estate dealings.

In the latter part of this year, it was decided that the premises at 6 Fort St. was too small to house RF&G Insurance and the Corporate Office G. A. Roe & Sons Limited. At this point, it was agreed to make other arrangements and it was decided to build an office complex on land recently purchased from the Nazarene Church at One Coney Drive, Belize City. It was at this point that G. A. Roe & Sons Limited temporarily relocated to #83 Bella Vista, Belize City, leaving RF&G Insurance at #6 Fort Street, Belize

Ground-breaking and construction of a new corporate building started on October 1st, 2005.

In the Group’s quest to expand and better serve the country, on March 1st, 2006, Maestre’s Industries Limited (MIL) commenced with the construction of the two Pre-engineered Steel buildings in Belize’s capital city, Belmopan. These were to house the new Belmopan branch facilities for MADISCO which was completed in September 2006 and Belize Diesel and Equipment which was completed on 15th December 2006.

In June we saw the completion of the new building, with RF&G Insurance occupying the first and second floors of the building on June 8th, 2007.

On August 1st, 2007 the building was inaugurated and dedicated to our founder Gordon Archer Roe and named “Gordon House” in his honor.

On August 8th, 2007 the corporate office of G. A. Roe & Sons Limited was moved to the fifth floor of Gordon House.

The refurbishing of 6 Fort Street (the original office of G. A. Roe & Sons Limited) also began in August 2007.

On May 9th, 2008 the refurbishing of 6 Fort Street was completed and it was inaugurated and named “Malcolm House”, dedicated to the memory of the second son of Marie and Gordon Roe. Malcolm R.H.Roe passed away on January 6th, 1971 in a tragic aircraft accident in Florida. This building now houses the offices of Maya Travel Services Limited, Regent Realty Limited and MicRoe Finance Company Limited.

With the Group continuously looking at possibilities of diversifying its manufacturing companies, on May 15th, 2008, CTC Limited launched its “San Miguel” line of bottled honey.

On July 25th, 2008 RF&G rebranded, updating their name and logo to reflect today’s business climate.

The Group moved to dispose of its interests in Belize Lodge & Excursions.

With changing trends and the growing popularity of internet travel sales, a decision was taken to close the operations of Maya Travel Services in July 2009.

MicRoe Company Limited, a money lending institution came into existence in 2014 due to a business concept change. MicRoe Finance Company ceased to exist with the birth of MicRoe Company Limited.

MADISCO Company Limited opened its San Pedro Distribution Center, making it the third distribution center in Belize. This year also saw the opening of Beverage Oasis which provides premium liquors and spirits such as a wide variety of Chilean, French, Argentinian, Californian, Australian wines and many whiskies, vodkas, tequilas, rums, liqueurs, and gins.

The Sunbreeze Suites was developed in 2007 thus continuing to expand in the hospitality industry in San Pedro. The beachfront resort makes for the perfect tropical escape with 21 spacious Ocean Front Suites within a half-mile of the Belize Barrier Reef.

Best Western Plus Belize Biltmore Plaza continued its expansion in 2022-2023 by adding 12 sleeping rooms to its existing 90 rooms, 3 conference rooms, a cafe and the sky deck.


One or more of the Roe Group of Companies does business in every district in Belize. We are a proud part of the growth and development of Belize, standing firmly on high standards of corporate responsibility.